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Dumpster Rental in Peoria, IL

About Kwik Dumpster Rental of Peoria

There’s high quality dumpster rental right in your own backyard with Kwik Dumpster Rental of Peoria. We offer the most competitive prices and the most efficient service, providing you with the residential or commercial dumpster service that you need.

We offer the largest selection of dumpsters from small to large for any size project whether a home remodeling project or a large commercial project. We have the containers that you need, sometimes even on the same day if you order your dumpster early in the day.

We have the perfect local dumpster rental for your needs. We stock a large number of sizes, giving us the ability to accommodate your needs right away!

Roll Off Dumpsters in Peoria, IL

We offer a wide selection of dumpster sizes to accommodate projects of varying scopes, including:

40 yard dumpster peoria il
30 yard dumpster peoria il
20 yard dumpster peoria il
10 yard dumpster peoria il

40 Yard Dumpsters

Big projects need big dumpsters. Contractors love the room in our largest forty yard dumpster, making it easy to complete a job quicker without the worry of replacing the dumpster. Full home remodels, new commercial roofs, house additions, and building construction projects are a great fit for our largest dumpster category.

30 Yard Dumpsters

Are you starting a large remodeling job, such as a kitchen renovation, multiple bathroom updates, roof tear off or siding replacement? One sizable construction job can accumulate a surprising amount of debris and trash. From shingles to large wood trusses, our third yard dumpster can handle huge quantities of waste.

20 Yard Dumpsters

For those jobs that aren’t quite excessive, but still need a decent amount of trash space, our mid-sized 20 yard trash container rental is perfect. Are you completing your own home remodel or do you have a moderate-sized construction project that’s accumulated more waste than you can handle? Our twenty yard dumpster will get the trash out of your way, making it easier to complete the job efficiently.

10 Yard Dumpsters

Are you finally purging your basement, attic or garage of all of the unused items stowed away in there? Are you undertaking a small landscaping clean up project? Do you have broken furniture to toss? Our 10 yard dumpsters help you get rid of the junk with ease. Our dumpsters have an open top, making it easy to toss large items away. Once filled, our pros haul it away for you.

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Affordable Dumpster Prices

Don’t assume that dumpster rental in Peoria, IL is out of your budget until you contact us. We offer some of the most competitive residential and commercial dumpster rates in the area for any of the following:

  • Construction companies
  • Commercial businesses
  • Retail store closings
  • Office relocations
  • Residential homeowners

Our dumpster rental is perfect for any job that requires demolition, purging, discarding large amounts of material, or construction jobs whether at home or a commercial business. Any time you’ll have a lot of trash or materials to discard, our dumpster rentals are the most affordable option.

Our Most Common Dumpster Services

Renting a construction dumpster or residential dumpster from Kwik Dumpster Rental of Peoria is simple and affordable! Here are some of the most typical uses for our roll away dumpsters.

Construction Dumpsters

Whether the project is large or small, commercial or residential, our construction dumpster rental service offers an easy way to keep the debris out of the way and the job completion on time. From exterior roofing and siding jobs, to office building renovations, strip mall box build outs and other big construction jobs, our dumpsters provide an effortless way to dispose of debris and keep the property clean.

Our dumpster rental period is flexible, giving you plenty of time to get the work done and the trash removed from the job site without scrambling for a place to put the debris. Plus, with our drop off, pick up and dump it service, you’ll avoid the hassle of hauling the trash yourself. You fill it, we remove it – it’s that simple!

Residential Dumpsters

Our residential dumpster service is the answer for any homeowner remodeling their home or replacing broken structures, like a roof or fence. We love providing our dumpster rental for block parties, big celebrations, or just good old spring cleaning. Our dumpsters are also a great option when you are prepping your home for a big move and have a lot of junk to eliminate.

The reality is that standard city supplied trash cans fill up quickly and are not equipped to handle big items like broken furniture, long wood planks and other large household junk. When your trash exceeds the size of your regular bin, that’s when it’s time to contact us for help. Our dumpsters come standard with drop off and pick up service, so you’ll never have to move the container yourself or deal with the trash that you put in the bin. All of this is handled by our crews.

Commercial Dumpsters

Our commercial dumpster service is perfect for any business, whether retail, construction, or an office. We offer short and long-term rental options depending on your needs. Our long-term rental options are great for commercial office buildings, retail stores, and apartment complexes that need longer-term dumpster rental to accommodate their clients’ needs.

Our current commercial clients use our dumpsters for individual construction projects, office renovation, and moving,closing a commercial business or as a temporary extra waste bin during high volume service times. You just tell us what size dumpster you need and the address you need it delivered and we handle the rest!

Dumpster Rental FAQs

Our trash dumpster rental services are typically a much more affordable, not to mention practical solution for any job, even small ones. Dumpster bags make seem more economical, but they aren’t practical. With our affordable dumpster rental services, you can have the space necessary to complete your project with ease without having to worry about overfilling the bag or paying inflated prices for the convenience.

Our dumpsters accept all types of materials including residential junk, construction materials, and regular trash from daily living. Certain types of materials require special methods of disposal, which we don’t handle. We cannot dispose of oil, fuel, chemicals, paint, medical waste, batteries, animals, and aerosol cans. If you have any questions about the materials you need to dispose of, call us, and ask one of our specialists today!

Kwik Dumpster Rental of Peoria operates out of one of Illinois' Top 10 most populous cities. With a residency of well over 100,000, Peoria is situated along the Illinois River and is known for being home to big equipment brands Caterpillar as well as birthplace for famous comedian Richard Pryor and the city for Bradley University.

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