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Dumpster Rental in Port St. Lucie, FL

About Kwik Dumpster Rental of Port St. Lucie

Our dumpster service is simple. You call us and let us know what size dumpster you need. If you are unsure, just give us an idea of what you are throwing out at your home or business. We’ll consider the size of the junk as well as its weight to determine the right roll off dumpster. Kwik Dumpster Rental of Port St. Lucie services all of St. Lucie County and we are proud to keep the trash off the streets in this lovely area of Florida.

You can rent one or multiple dumpsters, depending on the type and size of the waste you will remove from your home or business. Once you choose the size, let us know the dates that you need the dumpster rental service. In some cases, we may be able to deliver the appropriate dumpsters the same day that you call, if you call early enough in the day. Our professionals will deliver the dumpster to the appropriate location on your premises, leaving it there for the rental period. At the end of the period, our professionals pick up the trash bin filled with waste and haul it away for you.

Roll Off Dumpsters in Port St. Lucie, FL

With an affordable dumpster size for every type of project there is no excuse to feel overwhelmed by junk and waste on your property.

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40 Yard Dumpsters

We have the perfect solution for large residential and commercial renovation projects – the 40 yard dumpster rental. Take the headache of hauling away materials, debris, and garbage by letting our professionals deliver our largest dumpster at your premises.

Measuring 8’ x 8’x 20’, this large dumpster is the right solution for large and/or heavy projects. Consider the 30 yard container your answer to hauling away your old materials, debris, and junk. With the ability to hold up to 10,000 pounds of material, you’ll find that the 30 yard dumpster can handle even the largest jobs. Homeowners use our big dumpster for the following:

  • Whole home renovations
  • Renovating a rundown home
  • Home, office, and warehouse purges
  • Complete office or warehouse renovations
  • Major apartment complex and hotel room renovations
  • Strip mall clear outs and renovations
  • Store closings
  • Warehouse renovations
  • Upgrades at apartment complexes or hotels
  • Property demolition and renovations

30 Yard Dumpsters

The 30 yard dumpster measures 8’ x 8’x 17’ and is the perfect solution for large multi-room renovations or major cleanup projects. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to clear out years’ worth of junk or you have a major residential or commercial renovation project in the works, our thirty yard container is the perfect solution.

Our 30 yard roll off dumpster is the perfect size for those big projects that don’t quite need the huge 40 yard dumpster, and when a 20 yard dumpster just isn’t quite enough. Some of the most common projects homeowners use our 30 yard dumpsters for include:

  • Major multiple bathroom renovations
  • Big kitchen renovations
  • Remodeling of an entire house floor/level
  • Roofing and siding tear down and replacement
  • Major landscaping overhauls
  • Major landscaping overhauls, including big bushes and trees
  • Home demolition projects

20 Yard Dumpsters

Slightly larger household projects, demolitions, or purges require a larger dumpster and our twenty yard dumpster fits the bill perfectly. This medium sized dumpster is the perfect go-between when a 10 yard dumpster just isn’t enough, but the 30 yard dumpster is too big.

The 20 Yard dumpster measures 6’ x 8’x 16’ has 20 cubic yards to fill with your materials, debris, and old junk. This is the dumpster our professionals recommend most often for mid to large sized renovation projects whether residential or commercial. Picture six pickup truck loads of stuff and that’s how much this powerful dumpster can hold.

The good news is that we can often deliver our 20 yard dumpster the same day that you call us, if you call early enough. If not, don’t worry, we can have it out to you the next day. Many homeowners choose our 20 yard container for the following uses:

  • Major home purges, such as before a move or before an estate sale
  • Major outdoor renovations such as fence or landscaping replacement
  • Purging a storage unit or warehouse
  • Home renovation projects, such as new siding, windows, or roofing
  • Throwing out furniture and other large objects

10 Yard Dumpsters

Renting a 10 yard dumpster is the perfect solution for most household projects. Measuring 4’ x 8’ x 16’, the ten yard dumpster fits debris from most renovation jobs as well as serious household purges.

Still small enough to sit in your driveway without obstructing your view or making it difficult to get around, the small dumpster is economical and practical all at the same time. The ten yard roll off dumpster is our most popular residential dumpster rental and it’s easy to see. Its versatile use and large capacity makes it perfect for small to mid-size home projects.

Our small dumpster is the perfect answer for any of the following situations:

  • Light home renovations, such as bathroom, mudroom, or small bedroom renovations
  • Estate sale cleanups

Purging the attic, garage, or basement

  • Small exterior home renovation projects such as roofing or siding on small houses
  • Small fence replacement
  • Small landscaping removal and/or replacement
  • Concrete demolitions for driveways, sidewalks, and patios
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Who Can Use Our Waste Disposal Services?

Our waste disposal services are the perfect answer for both homeowners and business owners. Our clients use our trash bins for:

  • Home renovations
  • Purging junk from basements, attics, and garages
  • Cleaning out inherited homes
  • Cleaning up and renovating foreclosures
  • Renovating offices and warehouses
  • Cleaning out retail locations that are closing
  • Hosting block parties, weddings, or other large parties
  • Renovating apartment complexes or hotel rooms

We offer some of the lowest prices for dumpster rental service in the Port St. Lucie area. Our professionals are helpful and efficient, ensuring that you get the exact dumpster that you need at the promised time. Call us today for your free quote on your dumpster rental needs.

Dumpster Rental Types

We specialize in three types of markets for our dumpster rental services that benefit greatly from having a low stress, convenient way to dispose of junk and debris.

Construction Dumpsters

Materials can accumulate quickly on a construction site. Whether you offer residential or commercial construction services, our construction debris containers are the perfect answer. Our clients use our construction dumpsters for:

  • Roofing and siding replacement
  • Room additions or renovations
  • Fence or deck replacement
  • Condo or apartment complex remodeling
  • Office or warehouse renovations
  • Retail store build outs

Any renovation job that will accumulate material scraps, garbage, and recyclables will be more successful with construction bins right on site. You’ll save time, money, and energy when you can just dispose of the garbage right away. This allows you to finish the job faster, making your construction business more efficient and possibly even more profitable.

Material waste and debris can take away from the success of a construction project. Having to work around clutter is a safety hazard and can make it impossible to get the job done. We offer dumpsters in a variety of sizes, making it easy to keep your construction site clean.

Whether you need one large (30-yard) dumpster or several small (10-yard) dumpsters to sort various materials, such as waste, wood, and scrap, we have what you need. Just let our representatives know the types of material you will be handling and how you want to dispose of them. We’ll create a quote accordingly and ensure that the proper size construction waste bins are available for you.

Residential Dumpsters

Here are a few of the most common reasons our clients use our dumpsters:

Purging and Decluttering

We are all guilty of it – collecting clutter. You think you’ll find a use for the things you throw in your basement, attic, or garage, only for them to sit and collect dust for years. Our residential dumpsters offer the perfect solution to eliminate the garbage while sorting through everything.


Whether you do the renovations yourself or you hire a contractor, there’s debris and material you’ll need to eliminate. Our experts can help you choose the perfectly sized bin to remove it all from your home, making the renovation process a little less chaotic.

Estate Sales

Inheriting a property can be a blessing and curse at the same time. Chances are not everything in the house can be sold or even donated because of its poor condition. Our dumpsters are the perfect way to get rid of old furniture, large area rugs, and general clutter accumulated through the years, making the estate sale more efficient.

Deconstruction & Yard Waste

Knocking down walls, tearing down a deck, or ripping out landscaping can leave you with a lot of waste that won’t fit in the standard garbage bin. Rather than placing the debris on your driveway and hauling it away bit by bit, rent a yard waste dumpster and handle the removal all at once.

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial customers also take advantage of our trash container rental for a variety of reasons including:

Store Closing

When stores go out of business, it can leave a mess to deal with. From products that never sell to furniture and decor that’s broken and unusable, a store closing produces a lot of waste that needs a place to go. Our commercial dumpster rental service makes it easy to remove this junk from the premises

Inventory Changes

Warehouses, logistic buildings, distribution centers and large stores often go through inventory updates. As new products, equipment, furnishings and other items are brought in, so the old ones must go. We give you a place to easily and quickly dispose of large items without even having to haul them off to the yard. We pick up the junk you place in the dumpster and remove it for you.

Renovations & Construction

Whether it’s building out a new retail location, modernizing a long-standing restaurant or updating a salon, spa or boutique, you can count on our dumpsters to handle all the debris and waste that comes with remodeling. We frequently serve customers in the medical, retail, food service, natural health, tech, finance and professional services niches with their reno needs.

Office Relocations

As companies expand and business needs change, office spaces are bound to change. Whether it means moving closer to where the clientele is, shifting to a larger workspace or moving to a more modern building with high tech amenities, it’s common for us to rent dumpsters to corporations and small businesses that are relocating and need to dispose of old furniture and equipment.

Dumpster Rental FAQs

We schedule our construction bin rentals according to your needs. Our standard rental period may vary seasonally, so call to find out the current basic rental window. If you need your dumpster longer, we can usually accommodate any timeline as long as the container isn’t needed for another previously scheduled rental. You tell us the length of the project and we’ll check the availability of the size bins that you need. When you call us for your free quote, have an estimated timeline available and we’ll give you an accurate quote for your dumpster rental.

We deliver our roll off dumpsters on a special truck that “rolls” the container right off onto your premises at the designated spot. You tell us where you want the dumpster delivered and that’s where our professionals ‘roll it off’ onto your property. Once delivered, the dumpster remains stationary while you use it. During the rental period, you fill the dumpster with your waste, junk and debris. Call to schedule a pickup during your rental window and our driver will come to your property to collect the container with all the waste inside of it. At pick up, our professionals ‘roll it onto’ the truck, hauling away the bin and the trash.

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